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IdentaZone® Inc. is a pioneer in multimodal biometric identity management solutions and offers IdentaCloud™ – a patented Independent Biometric Authentication Service as a unified cloud based platform that utilizes the most advanced biometric capabilities and the IdentaMessage™ patented Certified Universal Confidential Communication Service for both the enterprise and consumer market. IdentaZone’s services and solutions are based on two broad patents: No. 6,993,659 “Independent Biometric Identification System” and No. 8,145,915 “System and Method for Platform-Independent Biometrically Verified Secure Information Transfer and Access Control” as well as a few patent applications.

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Fingerprint Recognition

Finger Vein Recognition

Palm / Vein Recognition

Iris Recognition

Hand Geometry Recognition

Signature Recognition

Face Recognition

Voice Recognition

Brain Activity Recognition

Typing Recognition
Real-life examples about using IdentaMaster®

Sharing a PC with family members has never been easier. Using a biometric device IdentaMaster is able to automatically identify users and log-in to their personal accounts – not yours.
You can use your favorite biometric technology to access the PC and encrypt the files. Your family members can use their favorite devices on the same PC. While you may prefer to scan a finger, your spouse may be a fan of voice recognition – it is all possible now.
Office workstations are full of important data that must be secured against hackers or “too curious” colleagues. IdentaMaster replaces your password with biometrics that effectively protect you from criminals who want to steal your data.
IdentaMaster can keep your biometric encrypted data safe even when you use shared cloud storage – nobody can open the biometric encrypted files except an authorized person.
With IdentaMaster, you can also combine various biometric technologies and double-protect sensitive data. Who can hack a file encrypted with your iris and palm vein?
IdentaMaster supports unlimited accounts and every enrolled user is able to sign-in to their account in a few seconds. It is fast – it is easy. Just scan a finger, say a phrase or look at the camera – no names, no passwords, pure privacy.





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I’m a manager at medical office and we were required to upgrade our security system to biometrics. It is my first experience with such technology.

I found the biometrics very useful since it eliminates passwords and gives extra protection for encrypted files. The main problem we encountered is that the biometric devices are lacking the software. There was an option to hire a programmer and buy SDK to develop a basic software just to connect this device to PC…

by Amazon Customer (2016)

Bought the software for 2 scanners from Secugen: Hamster Plus and Hamster Pro. It provides fingerprint registration and identification/authentication process for the 2 types of scanners. It took me about 10 minutes to setup. Trouble-free application. One system installed in office.

by Amazon Customer (2016)

I’m not really tech savvy person but still wanted to protect my files. Identamaster is a very friendly solution. I received excellent support, training video for the beginners and beautifully designed guides. I found no problems with identification whatsoever. The scanner is certified by FBI.

by Amazon Customer (2016)